In a residential home for men in Munich, loneliness, loss and failure are always present. However it seems as if magic is all over the place: Living in the community means tolerating the manners of others.
The film traces the lifes of the inhabitants over a period of one year, we gain insight in their lifes with all their failures. Some men try to find a way back into a self-determinde life while others just catch a glimpse of a strange outer world.

Austria 2016
Digital Video / DCP
Runtime: 28 minutes


Director/Script: Wolf-Maximilian Liebich

DOP: Marie-Therese Zumtobel

Editor: Sebastian Schreiner

Producers: Thomas Herberth, Florian Brüning

Production: Horse&Fruits Wien

Kindly supported by Zukunftsfonds Austria, Land Kärnten Kultur, Filmakademie Wien


Diagonale 2016

Dok.fest München 2016