Horse&Fruits has the vision of creating exciting, high-quality series formats from the German-speaking region for international television and VOD.

Our core idea is to develop series from concept to the finished product in Writers’ Rooms. In partnership with established production companies that provide experience and infrastructure for this process, we develop series formats with a custom-selected team of writers and producers, ensuring a strong author-centric approach from the beginning to the end of production.

We believe that for the complex narrative demands of television series, this is the preferred method for generating high-quality content.

Most German-speaking series are typically written by a single author. This can lead to misunderstandings and gaps in communication between creatives, producers, and broadcasters. There is often the belief that the author creates a work of art. However, art does not necessarily equate to good television. In the Writers’ Room, on the other hand, writers complement each other. Not everyone can write good dialogue and develop stories simultaneously. Not everyone has a precise sense of the audience and the market.

Instead of the traditional producer, we, as creative producers, lead the Writers’ Room: We select a group of writers that suits the material, create a creative environment, establish a daily work rhythm and goals, and act as a bridge to broadcasters and target audiences. We take artistic responsibility for the project until its completion.