My Brother Is A Dancer

In “My Brother Is A Dancer,” Felicitas attemps to salvage her strained relationship with her younger brother, Silvius. Alongside her close friend and camerawoman, Nina, the trio embarks on a road trip across Europe, revisiting the locations of their fragmented childhoods. However, Felicitas has a covert motive behind the filming: as a filmmaker, she aims to make her highly gifted musician brother comprehend who truly takes the directorial directs this artistic partnership. Silvius, still somewhat immature, has his own unique ideas about what the film should be. Amidst travel hiccups, park altercations, and poignant moments of shared recollection, a complex film narrative unfolds, exploring the intricate bonds between two siblings, the craft of filmmaking itself, and the recognition that both of them rely on each other, even if they too stubborn to admit it.

Germany/Austria 2018
Runtime: 60 minutes


Director&Script: Felicitas Sonvilla 

DOP: Nina Wesemann

Editor: Sebastian Schreiner

Producers: Thomas Herberth, Florian Brüning

Production: Horse&Fruits Wien

In cooperation with Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen München

Kindly supported by Land Niederösterreich

40. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis
Crossing Europe
Listapad International Film Festival