Santa's Last Christmas

The Cold War, American Nazis, ousted dictators. And at the center of these events stands Santa Claus: with his white beard, red robe, and Santa hat. He’s universally known as Santa. His life story resembles the plot of a spy thriller, taking us on a journey across the world, spanning half a century of global history. However, to this day, I continue to ponder: Di he ever tell me the real story?


Format: Digital Video / DCP
Runtime: 90 minutes

Status: in production


Director/Editor: Stephan Heiniger

DOP: Luzius Wespe

Score: Paul Plut

Producers: Thomas Herberth, Florian Brüning, Alexa Meyer, Stephan Heiniger

Production: Horse&Fruits Vienna

In cooperation with Voltafilm

Kindly supported by Österreichisches Filminstitut, FISA, BAK Schweiz, Kanton Aargau, Kanton Luzern, Volkert Stiftung, Suissimage